Q: Do I need a license to operate a repeater? 
A:  YES, In most cases, you do.  In rare cases, where operating in International waters, or offshore private havens, perhaps not.  It is your responsibility to check your local laws with respect to licensing and use.

Q: How much does a portable repeater cost?
A:  Entry level, portable systems run anywhere from USD$2,500-$3,200.00 and between USD$3,200.00-$5,500.00 for a more advanced portable system.  No matter the price range, our systems are built well and include high end duplexers made by Sinclair.  Each duplexer is tuned in a state-of-art lab to the precise specifications of our clients. 

Q: Does the system include an antenna?
A:  YES.  Each system we sell comes with a magnetic mount and portable Sinclair antenna.  More advanced antenna systems are available on request.

Q: Can I program my own repeater?
A:  NO.  You can however, program the tones and various parameters of your repeater, however you cannot change the repeater frequency.  The frequency is locked into the duplexer tuning parameters and if you change the frequency of the repeater, you would also need to retune the duplexer (which isn't something you can do on your own, without specialised equipment)

Q: Do you sell HAM Radio or GMRS?
A:  We sell HAM (Amateur) & GMRS for use outside North America, only.  In Canada we sell UHF based 440 Amateur repeaters for use in the Amateur band and only sell to licesed amateurs.  We restrict sales of GMRS type rated systems to international only, excluding Canada and the USA.    

Q: How much power does a portable repeater deliver?
A: Simple answer; anywhere from 5 to 25 watts.  In fact, there is no reason to use more power than that.  If your repeater is situated properly, then your antenna will do all the heavy lifting.  General rule of thumb is to limit the output power as much as possible, thus increasing (and not interfering with) your repeaters' sensitivity.  

Q: Do you sell a 100 Watt version?
A: No we don't.  We will, however be pleased to help engineer a proper fixed station repeater that will deliver a full 100 watts. 

Q: Is a portable repeater easy to setup?
A:  YES.  In fact, we designed this system so that anybody of any age category could set it up in less than 5 minits.  Simply posistion the antenna, plug in the power and turn the system on. 

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A; YES, In fact we have already shipped to over 80 countries !

 Q: Do you sell the components seperatly ? 
A: No we don't.  We conclude that even if you were to buy the components of the system, on your own, you would spend more in parts than if you bought a pre-built system from us.

Q: Do you build anything other than portable repeaters Ie; Mountain top ?
A;  Sure !  You bet we do.  In fact, we started out servicing and installing mountaintop repeaters, over 15 years ago.

Q: Do you offer onsite service ?
A: Yes we do.  In fact, we travel anywhere in the USA or Canada.




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