marine VHF repeater

PORTABLE VHF MARINE REPEATERSBuilt Tough - Portable VHF Marine Repeaters


NEW!  6 Channel Duplex Talk Channel Capability 26,27,28 & 83,84.85
VHF Marine Repeaters Provide Coverage on Marine Repeater Channels as well as Crossband coverage for Land Mobiles and Land Based Stations. 
These systems are designed for Offshore operation Marine VHF Repeater Systemin the South Pacific, South East Asia, Central America and South America, where the need for access to Marine Repeaters as well as linked Marine to Land services are critical for effective safety communications.

We build different designs to suit your needs; these include Transportable or Fixed Station.

VHF Marine Repeaters help to increase the distance that Standard VHF Marine services can communicate through pre-programmed repeater channels. These channels include International duplex channels 78, 79, 80, 81, 82 and 83. Through the use of Marine Repeater Channels, a weak station would be amplified through the repeater and back to the end units. 

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