crossband repeater

Cross Band Repeaters
VHF/UHF Portable Crossband VHF to UHF Repeaters
With Power & Versatility for All Band Operation

Portable Tactical UHF to VHF CrossBand Radio Communications
Deploy Where it's Needed Most
AmmoBox Portable Radio Repeater

Choose a Cross-Band repeater to link various services that operate in different bands.  For example, a Search & Rescue team operating on UHF needs to communicate with a fire department on UHF. 

The TRP-8000-X is built, using best of class radio transceivers & world-class Sinclair Duplexers - all built inside a lunch box sized, genuine 40MM US "Ammunition Can" that provides robust protection from dust, dirt, corrosion and most importantly, interface from outside sources.  In fact, the TRP-8000-X provides more protection than any other commercially available product on the market today! Designed to meet IP67 standards, the TRP-8000-X can withstand the harshest operating environments. Capable of delivering between 5W and 25W of output power, the TRP-8000 can run for over 48 hours at a 40% transmit duty cycle at max power from a standard car battery.

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